Saturday, February 26, 2011

Demonstrant vittnar om militärens övergrepp

Ett vittnesmål från en av de demonstranter som greps av militärpolis på Befrielsetorget tidigare i veckan (via Mona Seif): "Early Wednesday 23rd of February they arrested 29 of us. Among them were 2 girls & a woman, they were taken to Egyptian Museum where their hand were tied behind their back, mobiles & money taken, blindfolded and transferred somewhere -later turns out it was military prosecutor unit in 'asher- They were put in a line and left to stand for hours in the sun. The blindfolds were removed. The group was beaten up, punches in chest & stomach. They were tasered - electric shock rods- in different part of their bodies, in addition sexual molestation of the girls. The group was released later that day."

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